Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Introduction to Sun Secure Global Desktop

It should be wise to start this blog with a small introduction of Sun Secure Global Desktop (SSGD).

In 2005 Sun Microsystems bought the company Tarantella and renamed the product Tarantella Secure Global Desktop to Sun Secure Global Desktop. Tarantella was by then almost 10 years old and was started as a small project within Santa Cruz Operation. The goal of this project was

"any application, any client, anywhere":
to provide access to applications of any type (hosted on back-end servers) from any client device that supported a Java-enabled web browser.

Source: Wikipedia

The current version of Sun Secure Global Desktop is version 4.31 released in May 2007 still has the same goal. When looking a the main product picture of SSGD all the objectives of the goal are still visible:

Besides the full list of features SSGD can be easily modified, extended and incorporated.
I have the intention to elaborate on these modifications, extensions and incorporations within this blog.

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