Friday, August 10, 2007

Customizing the Webtop Look and Feel

Most customers like the fact that is quite easy to change the Look and Feel (L&F) of SSGD. Changing the L&F is not not that easy as changing the template of a weblog or a portal, but with a bit of knowledge of HTML the changes can be made in the webtop-pages.

The first change I normally do at a customer site is replace the SUN logo in the left top corner of the webtop:

To change this logo create a new logo image (size: 242 x 77 px) and place this file in the following location:


Next edit the file:


On line 95 change the filename of the Sun Logo (sgdLogo.gif) with the filename of the new company logo.

After the topFrame.jsp has been saved a refresh of the complete webtop page within the browser the new logo will appear.

In future post I will try to describe more simple small changes which can be made to the webtop. Changing the splash-screen during logon is amongst this list I have in my mind. When someone wants to know how to make other changes please write a comment on this post.


navanee said...

I think this is very useful information. Please keep going. We'd like to see more...

Though SGD is a great piece of technology, I find it hard to weed through all the documentation and find the right piece of information I need to customize it.

Anonymous said...

Yes please, what can be done to change the plain white webtop and the simple welcome text?