Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sun released SGD 4.4 Documentation.

SUN has released the documentation of the new Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.4.

Besides some small neat new features (like 'Automatic Timeout of Idle User Sessions' and 'Support for Solaris 10 OS Trusted Extensions') the biggest change will be the Administration Console. Up till version 4.3 management of SSGD is done with the Object Manager and the Array Manager. Version 4.4 has the new Web based Console.

The SGD Administration Console is now a single point of administration and is dynamic. For instance, when logging in to the SGD Administration Console you can directly see which servers are up and running and how many webtop and application sessions are running on each server.

More on the new SSGD version in later posts. Look at the release notes of SGD 4.4 if you can't wait :)

The new documentation be found here.

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