Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adding new icons for SSGD Applications

Sun Secure Global Desktop comes standard with a couple of application icons.

Most users do not really care about the icon in front of the Application name, but there are some who are more visually focussed then textual. For the latter (and also for the other users) it would be nice to add new icons to SSGD.

New icons can be added to SSGD. This means every application can have its own normal icon if that icon is not in the default set of icons.

The following text may require knowledge of the Solaris/Linux Operating System.

Adding a new icon to SSGD can only be performed by the root-user of the SSGD server (hopefully the new version of SSGD, 4.40, will have a nice feature for adding icons).

Instructions for adding a new icon (version 4.2/4.3/4.31):

  1. Create an icon with size 20x20 with 256 or 16bit colour in gif or jpg format

  2. Copy the icon to the SSGD server (via scp/ftp or alike)

  3. As root copy the icon to the following location:

  4. make sure the group ttaserv has read permissions on the icon
    chgrp ttaserv <iconname>;chmod g+r <iconname>

It is now possible to set the icon-name for the application via the command line:
/opt/tarantella/bin/tarantella object edit
--name <end_objectname> --icon <iconname>

Changing icons via the Object Manager is also possible. Just copy the icon file to the following location and restart the Object Manager.

(This will also make the icon available for the classic webtop)

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