Friday, November 14, 2008

Prepare system users before installation

The Installation Guide of Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.41 states:

The system must have ttaserv and ttasys users and a ttaserv group before you can install SGD.

The commands to create these users are described in the Installation Guide, but there might be a simpler way to create them.

Last week I performed an installation and thought the users had been created. After the hitting the "Enter"-key for the installation I got a message stating the ttasys and ttaserv users could not be found and to create these users the following command can be performed:


Just run this script to create the ttasys and ttaserv users including the ttaserv group. Re-issue the installation command and continue with the installation process.

So installing is getting simpler and simpler. Almost so simple no Manual needs to be used, but I advise to always use the Installation Guide open during installation. Especially the Operation System Modifications page.

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