Friday, June 19, 2009

Login button on logged-out-page not always 'active'

When a users logs out of the SSGD webtop with the logout-button the logged-out-page is shown. The logged-out-page contains a login-button. The login-button is not always 'active' (when clicking on the login-button nothing happens).

When looking into the JSP-code of the logged-out-page the 'activation' of the login-button is based upon the status of the TCC (Tarantella Client Connector/a SSGD-application which displays the applications). When the TCC is still running the login-button is 'activated'. This is a bit strange since logging out of the SGD webtop will stop the TCC.

I saw a check to 'enable' or 'disable' the login-button. The button is 'enabled' when the TCC is stll running.

A quick fix to always show the link by editing the logged-out-page. Follow these steps:

  • Logon to the SSGD server
  • Go to the directory:
  • Edit the file:
  • change line (109 for SGD4.50) from
boolean showLoginLink = (tccStarted != null && tccStarted.equals("true"));
  • to
boolean showLoginLink = (tccStarted != null && tccStarted.equals("true"));
showLoginLink = true;

After this change verify the change by logging on to the webtop and log out again to see if the login-button is 'active'.

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Rob Tunru said...

Hi Remold,

Logging out of SSGD does mot always stops TCC