Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SSGD version 4.41 to be released soon

A small update to the Sun Secure Global Desktop is about to be released. This update contains 5 new features (besides 123 bug and 1 documentation fix).

  • New Command for Securing an SGD Server

    A very easy command to enable security without changing files, creating certificates manually. More on this subject in a later post.

  • Pull-Down Header for Kiosk Mode Applications

    Sometimes needed to temporary switch between your local and remote session. This option can be changed per application on the command-line.

  • Service Tag Support

    More information on Sun Connection: Register

  • Active Directory Authentication Log Filter

    Once again a better way to perform debugging :)

  • Active Directory SSL Security Without Client Certificates

    This will make it easier to connect to Active Directory in a secure way. The secure connection is needed to be able to let users change there Active Directory password via SGD.

The documentation of this new release can be found on the document website of Sun: Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.41 Collection. (With a PDF-version of the Administration Guide :) )

The SSGD 4.41 version is currently not yet available for download, but will be soon.

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